Our History and Congrationalism

Our church has been blessed

to be part of the Lord’s work in peoples’ lives in Buena Park throughout the years! FCCBP was established in 1888. James A Whitaker, who founded our city, was a founding member, and at that time, our church adopted a “Confession of Faith,” or statement of Christian belief, as well as a “Covenant,” which is a declaration that people make when they confess their faith in Jesus as Savior, promise to serve others, and promise to live a Christian life. Our first church building, which was just across 10th street, was finished in 1891, and our current building, in 1929 (Buena Park’s Historical Society, Self-Guided Tour Booklet).

The phrase “First Congregational” means that we were the “first” church in Buena Park with ties to the “Congregational” movement. Here are a few things we want people to know about Congregationalism and FCCBP:

• We want to be a home for all who need a church family, who believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior and want His help, comfort, and Christian fellowship in their lives.

• “Congregationalism” is a word that refers to a form of structure that acknowledges Jesus’ Lordship over our individual congregation, as we trust Him to guide our church more directly rather than rely on a bishops or group of people outside of our local congregation to govern our church.
• Because some of the first European settlers here in what’s now the US were Congregationalists (i.e., Pilgrims and Puritans), we have a rich history! The Pilgrims came to our shore on the Mayflower in 1620, and following their lead, many Puritans came, too.
• The early Congregationalists valued Jesus as Lord and Savior and the Bible as their guide for their church and personal lives. At FCCBP we follow in their footsteps and affirm these same values.
• Our congregation is a member of the Evangelical Association of Reformed and Congregational Christian Churches, which values gospel, the Bible, and provides us with resources and counsel.