“Serving” Through the Local Church

“Serving Through the Local Church

We want to provide a healthy Christian environment for learning, encouragement, and fellowship. Because we’re here to help you discern your “special gift” to be used to serve others (1 Peter 4:10, NASB) for your blessing, we want to know what types of things you want to be involved in. As you’re able, besides gathering with us on Sunday morning, we ask that you provide at least one area of interest for church fellowship, growth, or service from the list below, or write down something else you would like to be involved in. Here are some current and prospective opportunities for fellowship and service:

  • Our Sunday service as an opportunity to praise God through song, pray for our needs, receive baptism and Communion, be built-up through His Word, and receive the Lord’s blessing
  • Opportunities to participate by serving in the service by reading, giving a testimony, and serving a church board,
  • Christian fellowship after service for encouragement and engagement through developing Christian relationships
  • Christian friendship and prayer, including our “Prayer Chain,” for those dealing with difficult life issues who request prayer


  • Confirmation/Membership with instruction about Christian teaching to foster greater understanding of the Christian faith and the life of the church
  • Opportunities to greet for those with gifts of encouragement and hospitality
  • A Bible study group so that we can look into God’s Word and be built-up as the Lord works through discussion and application
  • A Youth Message/Sunday School program to help focus on issues important for our children and grandchildren as they work through different emotions and influences in their lives
  • Family-oriented youth events that bring families together for entertainment and fun
  • A Bell Choir to enable anyone who would like to offer their service to the Lord to beautify our service with rings of praise
  • A Praise Choir to help lead us in congregational song
  • An Acolyte Program for youth, to learn about Jesus’ light by lighting candles for our Sunday service
  • Christian support meetings to help us work through issues we have hard time dealing with, whether addiction, grief, or bitterness, to provide accountability and help